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May. 11th, 2009

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Jan. 20th, 2009

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Writer's Block: Regime Change

In an ideal world, in the next four years apart from stabilising the economy , I would love for people of the world to become more caring and compassionate towards others (myself included). I think that in these hard economic times we should all be coming together and making each others' lives easier. I think that Obama is an example of what we should all become in a way... someone who is compassionate and caring, driven and realises that shooting for the stars is not something that should be mocked.
          In his fabulous speech today, he said that  people should not be stifled, they should be allowed to follow their dreams and acheive their own happieness. I would like this to be true for everyone...
I know he is only one man, a man with immense pressure on his shoulders but I think that he is going to leave a huge impression on the world.


Just an update... like anyone cares really!! Eh I got my internet today and its lovely!! Oh yeah and just a word to say :
GO Obama!!


This is the face of the future.... Hopefully it will be brighter than today!

Oct. 1st, 2008

New Apartment...... but no internet!!

Ok so on Monday I moved out of my beloved family home, and moved to the big smoke. Its going well, thanks for asking except for one thing. My lack of internet.

At the moment, we have no interent , no wireless connection, no on demand movies or tv shows. I'm not able to look up notes, (I have been studying lately, I kid you not). It's pathetic.
But what has really got me about all this is my complete dependence on the internet. I don't know when this obsession started, but now I am addicted to 3 things.... the interent, tea and the office. All of which go hand in hand if you ask me! So now I'm in college sitting on my lonely bench, trying my best to look at 4 episodes of "The Office" and downloading notes... I can't live like this.... its no way to live if you ask me....
So ask me how I am in a week or so... I predict I will have lost the will to live..

So here's something that may lift my spirts!
He! He! :P

Apr. 25th, 2008

This Weeks: Totally Obsessed

Ok so this week I have been totally obsessed with some new music.
Firstly, Sara Bareilles:
I know for those of you who are from the side of the rather large pond, her name is nearly household but here, she is the catchy newcomer.
Deemed as the new Norah Jones, this singer/songwriter's new song ,"Love Song" was not written from a broken heart but for her former record company. They wanted her to write a love song but she didn't want to write one just for the sake of writing it.... and so "Love Song" was born:

Somethin's going down in UCD!!

I went into college today (Very unusual for me because it's Friday!!) to hand in some assignments and the dreaded form for next years modules. As I drove in, the volumes of students rose. I thought there would be some students queuing for buses to go home for the week but no... People were coming out of Spar and Off license with boxes of Stella and bottles of Miller. Looked like a party. At this early stage, I was bewildered by the brashness of students drinking on the street. But all became clear when I got onto campus.
What seemed like millions of men(and 2 women), walked what seemed like aimlessly around campus. As I drove into a space near the School of Film Studies (its closest to the main library, I'm so lazy!!), and when I got out of my car, which actually looks like a navy hearse, all I could here was music..... concert style. People in string tops, flip flops and over sized sunglasses roamed the streets of the UCD city. I felt like an alien coming to a different planet, I felt so out of the loop.
Maybe next year, thats all I can think but what really got me today was the feeling that I really miss a good gig. Last year I was lucky enough to go to 7 gigs in Dublin and this year I have none. Although that may not be a bad thing... some of last years gigs were so dire that I actually wanted to leave. What I really need is one hell of a party!! Bon Jovi is going to be great but haven't got the money to buy tickets. Lenny Kravitiz is playing as well with the brilliant Alanis Morrisette but again my funds are unbelievably low!! Ah well maybe something will come along!!